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Unique By Design

McCaul/McCaul & Associates is a broad based Architectural Firm. Since its inception, the firm has experienced many types of business structures. There have been joint ventures, staffing between 15 and 20 people and mergers. Each had inherent advantages and disadvantages. As a firm, we analyzed these advantages and disadvantages and listed and prioritized our objectives for each client and their project. It is through the synthesis and distillation of all these many factors, that we molded our current structure:

Our Specialty:

McCaul/McCaul & Associates is a small, highly professional, architectural design firm, which offers personal and continual attention from the firm’s principals, in a timely and cost effective manner. Our consulting associates are also licensed professionals in their technical fields, and are only introduced to the design team as required. We limit the number of projects with which we are involved, according to project size and complexity. 

We do not specialize in any “type” of building. Instead we specialize in:

• Listening to a client,

• Understanding their needs and desires;

• Assembling a team which will best accomplish the goals established.  


Looking Forward

Just as all successful organizations, McCaul/McCaul and Associates is always looking to the future.  However, our emphasis is not only on the growth and success of our firm, but in a legacy.  If you as the client are pleased with the design, its execution, and its endurance, then our office is successful. Why is this so important to us?  It is important that those coming up in the organization have legacy to continue.  Not many will remember the name of the draftsmen, the architect or the engineer that signed the drawings, but they will remember the service and the integrity.  Our future in not wrapped up in the bottom dollar line, it is encapsulated in how you, the client, remember that McCaul/McCaul and Associates were there, cared, and provide you with a design that worked. 


Building Blocks of Good Design

No amount of education can teach the lessons learned through our life experiences, both the good and difficult.  Design is more than the ink on the paper.

It's the process of understanding the needs and desires mixed with the Design Team's creativity and problem solving.

McCaul/McCaul & Associates approaches each project with understanding.  This with our commitment to Personal Service, Responsive and years of experience in the Design Industry provides our clients with more than just ink on paper.  From concept through construction, we are committed to each of our clients' successful project.


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